Roll The Jeep

by Ben Scott-Brandt

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Baby, let's go upside down
Roll the Jeep, hit the ceiling
We go headfirst into nothing, baby
Your shadow peels up off the ground
But I can taste it in my mouth
The way the sun cuts through the clouds
Don't stop me

I wanna let the wheels go wild
I wanna be a streak across the sky
Come on, babe
'Cause I can see the end of time
Baby, when your lips are lost on mine

Are you waiting for a sign?
Chase the backroads down
The backroads down
Dotted yellow lines
Are you waiting for a sign?
There's nothing between us, baby
Nothing between us but time

See the cars and trees go by
It's all just background, it's background
It's been flashing through your mind
But you and I will never die
Don't even need to close our eyes
Don't even need to close our eyes

Roll the Jeep
We'll be laughing, we'll be singing
Shout our names into the ether, breathe it in
Roll the Jeep
We've got nothing in our pockets
We've got nothing here to stop us, baby


released November 11, 2016
John Gist, alto and tenor saxophones/arrangement

Special thanks to Jonathan Brandt for the mastering on this track, and to Johnny Gist for coming over and lending his masterful ear to the saxophone arrangement.



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Ben Scott-Brandt Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ben Scott-Brandt is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with Ribbons of Song and Bunkbed Nights. He has been releasing tapes and records since 1997.

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